Abby as a Ladybug Dog

2012 May 3
by admin

At school I had to be a dog ladybug and I had to do this huge packet. In the packet I put pictures of the ladybug and dog, interesting facts, lots of stuff.

3 Interesting Facts about Dogs

#1 Ancient Eygptians when their dogs died they would put mud in their hair, shave off their eyebrows and cry for days.

#2 There are lots of working dogs, police dogs, fire dogs, eye seeing dogs.

#3 Dogs use their tounges to keep cool.

3 Interesting Facts about Ladybugs

#1 Ladybugs can have all different patterns some can be yellow orange red or brown.

#2 Ladybugs predators are spiders, wasps, bees, birds, etc.

#3 Ladybugs are actually lady beetles or lady birds.

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