Abby’s Birthday by Mom #3

2012 May 3
by admin

The 1st thing you will need to throw an awesome St. Patrick’s Day birthday party is a party planner. This party planner helped with every single part of the party:

Invitations: Ollibird made the invitation look like Abby! I sent over some pictures of her and that is the tooth she was missing at the time and she does squint her eyes like that and stand like that!

Decor: Rainbow of Balloons, shamrock covered windows and table to display the cake, very simple. Also I blew up the front of her invitation to stand by the rainbow. I wanted to take a big black kettle and fill it with paper plates covered in gold wrapping paper to put a put of gold under the rainbow but didn’t get to it.

The Cake: They made the little leprechaun look like her invitation!

Games/Activities: I started off by reading The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day  and we had music playing from the St Patrick’s Day children’s Party (Fun and Games For Kids) CD. We did stations where we played games and did crafts. I lined up my sturdy craft tables (one of the best things I own) to do a rainbow out of fruit loops glued on a piece of paper with pre cut out suns and clouds to dress it up, a shamrock hat out of a paper plate, and playing St. Patrick’s day bingo. Then we did some games in our big family room with all the couches pushed back. Find the gold coin (you know that you pass to each other secretly while sitting in a circle), freeze dancing and leprechaun says.

Party Favors: Magic beans (green watermelon jelly bellies) and gold coins (chocolate coins) and they also took home their crafts.

We did have a lot of kids but we handled it quite well until the last 10 minutes when it got a bit crazy. But it was worth it, the girls and I have such fun planning their birthday parties. Some of the best highlights of our year!

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  1. Linda permalink
    June 1, 2012

    Oh, my goodness. Look at that wild and crazy party. It looks like you had everyone in the world there. Was the President of the United States there too? I wish I could have been there. Happy Birthday

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