2012 January 4
by admin

My favorite part about Christmas was I got this American Girl doll and I had a Doodlebear and Santa ate my peppermint girl and he ate the WHOLE ENTIRE THING! And he only ate half of the Christmas tree that was plain. And I loved it because Shae got presents too and it was a little jack in the box and it went la la la la doo doo doo WOAH!

We got BARBIE Christmas DVD and another BARBIE Christmas DVD and we got TONS and TONS and TONS TONS TONS TONS TOOOONS TONS TONS TONS of candy canes!! He always brings us candy canes.

I loved our special breakfast because we ate really yummy stuff and I liked thinking about Jesus at our breakfast because I thought about like how he made the sacrament and when he was born and I LOVED the little presents we got. They were at our dinner table and they asked questions and mine was, “WHATS YOUR FAVORITE JESUS SCRIPTURE STORY AND TELL IT TO US.

And thats all.

Costa Rica

2012 January 4
by admin

I loved the plane rides cause we got juice and snacks and for landing on some flights my ears didn’t really hurt. yeah! I loved the house because we had an outdoor porch and when we were eating an igana came to our porch and my mom threw some of my sister’s breakfast to the iguana and then he went away. And there were hundreds on our roof. And I loved the outdoor pool cause we would do swimming lessons and we would just have fun!

I LOVED the beach by our house because there were waves that I could jump over but I hated it after a little while because there were two big waves. And the little beach with the little waves it was very nice because we like had fun and we were glad there were rays at our beaches. And my mom when she was surfing this huge ray was jumping up to her face but it actually went down below her surf board and well there was like 5 or 30 jumping around mommy. And I’m glad known of them stinged her.

I loved the little baby sloth because it had a mask around it’s face and it was in a cocoon like a catepillar. I loved the monkies because we woke them up and they were like woo woo ahh ahhh. I LOVED THE DEER! Because we took a picture with it and everybody else was amazed.

I LOVED the crocodiles because one was named LADY GAGA. I saw on the boat ride my favorite was the herons cause they were beautiful and it had very nice feathers. And I was on the crocodolie tour….do you know about those like birds that deliver the babies? We saw one of those.

I miss that our iguana pets, the iguanas were our pets, that was our only pet. And I miss them now. I LOVED being together as a family because we were like go in the pool swim and swim.

Zip Lining through the Costa Rica Jungle

2012 January 4
by admin

Zipling was soooo fun! When I first started my teeth where shattering in my mouth. It felt so good that I was in the trees, it felt like all the leaves were swaying past me. I got to have this huge pack of things like gloves and just like stuff. In my head I thought about birds and that I was flying with them. I hope to go again.

Here is a video of me zipling through the trees, sometimes with the guides and sometimes all alone!

Doll Dance

2011 November 15
by admin

When I danced it was so fun, I had to curtsy, shasee and I cried on my knees. I never get nervous to perform in front of people because it is just fun!! I loved the big bow in my hair it was kinda good doing it with my sister.


2011 October 31
by admin

When we saw the witches we met these witches and they were just like pretend but they were real people and we took a picture with the witches. I liked getting my face painted it made me look like a witch, I was matching with my cousin Adalyn.

And we went on these rides there was one in the night! And we got to bounce on this bouncy house. Adalyn and Caitlyn make me happy happy happy.

My dance class party we did just a little thing that was like LITTLE CAT CRAWL CRAWL LITTLE CAT CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL. LITTLE CAT CRAWL. And we were like oh yea we got tons of treats. And I just wanted to say for the last part we WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Trick or treating with Dad was so fun I remember that I got lots and lots and lots of treats. We saw lots of scary stuff like this eyeball that looks real.

The party at my friend Ryan’s house was so SPOOOOKY. I got to put my hand in frog feet and a monkey’s brain!!

Then we did a spooky dinner at our house we invited over friends and had a spooky punch that has worms in it!!

St. George Trip

2011 October 27
by admin

I loved going to St. George and I saw this little beannie thing or whatever it is, I picked it up and took a picture, maybe that’s why I got sick. Maybe that thing was how I got sick. I loved sitting in the cave!! I LOVE BEING IN ST GEORGE BECAUSE WE ALWAYS GET TO SWIM IN THE POOL!!

Horseback Riding with Dad

2011 October 15
by admin

For Dad’s birthday I got to go horseback riding with him. The horses’s name was Ginger and he loved licorice. That wash is favorite food! On the horse it was so fun, I LOVED RIDING ON IT! I hope I can take riding lessons. Dad loved it on his birthday.

Student of the Week

2011 October 5
by admin

It is so special to be student of the week cause you get to make a poster and it’s like all about you. The day on Friday is all about you! On Friday I got to bring my poster to school and then everybody writes about me and like how I am and the reason that I get to be star student of the week. And it’s like just so fun I was going to explode! My Mom got to come in and read a story it was the INCREDIBLE BOOK EATING BOY! I picked that book because everyone did not know it…no way no way no way. Then my classmates got to ask questions about me they asked, “CAN I COME TO YOUR HOUSE TO PLAY WITH YOUR CHICKENS?!”

White Queen

2011 October 5
by admin

At Poki’s party I was the White Queen. I put on makeup, a dress and a white wig. It was awesome.

Aunt Kaitlyn

2011 October 4
by admin

When Aunt Kaitlyn came to visit it was soooo…..hmmm let me think….FUN FUN FUN FUN! We took Aunt Kaitlyn to go to Sweet Tooth Fairy hello hello hello. When we went on the hike with her there was a dead goat and we saw it’s bones. We climbed up the rock hill and we were like, “We’re king of the rocks!” She taught me how to play angry birds and now it’s my favorite game in the whole world. And we got to play bingo!